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Berkala Arkeologi is experiencing major changes in the year of 2019. Our first challenge for this year was to improve on the consistency between our template, and the published articles. Many of our authors were suggesting that the old two columns template was rather difficult to follow, this was the main reason behind the one column template preference that we are using starting from our May 2019 edition. Surely we are hoping that authors will be easier to follow our template, therefore we can minimize typos error in copy and layout editing.

Our second challenge was regarding editorial management. We are working under a very diverse environment, involving many people from different institutions. Team work under such diverse environment have been proven to be very challenging, especially in the respect of publication punctuality. Behind the screen we are making various management decisions to improve in this regard, and in the process we are also improving our editorial robustness.

Last but not least, we were also migrating from the legacy of OJS 2 to our current OJS 3. This migration was expected to make you, our readers and authors, easier to interact with our website.

Efforts are always be made to improve this journal, we have gone through a very long way since our first appearance 40 years ago. Surely, Berkala Arkeologi in the next years to come will be more credible scientific venue for your research and ideas.



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Vol 9 No 1 (1988): Back Issue

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