Berkala Arkeologi


We are a biannual journal on archaeology published by Balai Arkeologi Yogyakarta every May and November each year. This journal seek to promote and shares research results and ideas on archaeology to the public. We covers original research results, ideas, theories, or other scientific works from the discipline of Archaeology mainly in the Indonesian Archipelago and Southeast Asia. Interest from other disciplines (such as history, anthropology, architecture, geology, etc.) must be related to archaeological subject to be covered in this journal. Our first edition was published on March 1980.

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Current: Vol. 40 No. 1 (2020)

From the Editorial Desk

Journal Name Berkala Arkeologi
Initials JBA
Publisher Balai Arkeologi Yogyakarta
Funded by Ministry of Education & Culture
Frequency One volume with 2 editions per year
DOI Prefix 10.30883
P-ISSN 0216-1419
E-ISSN 2548-7132
Accreditation Ministry of Research and Technology
Citations Scopus   G-Scholar

Current Editorial Work

Dear Authors, Readers, and Colleagues
Concluding our first half of editorial work which begun since the last quarter of 2019, we are glad to announce that the first issue of our 40th Volume have been published on the 26th of May 2020. Marking our commitment for always improving the quality of this journal, this first issue was published in full in dual language (Bahasa Indonesia and English). We are hoping that by publishing in two languages, we will be able to reach a wider range of audience. If you haven't visit it, the Volume 40 No. 1 can be found over here.
The second issue, which will be published in November 2020, are currently in focus of our editorial processes. An insight about our November issue can be found over here.
Berkala Arkeologi is now accepting papers to be considered for the Volume 41/ 2021. Please consult to the preparation checklist, and the Guidelines pages.

The Editorial Board