Vol. 41 No. 1 (2021)

Berkala Arkeologi Volume 41 No. 1 May 2021

Dear readers,

Starting from Berkala Arkeologi Vol. 41, Issue No. 1, May 2021 there is little difference in its appearance, given the demands of the times and the comfort in reading. The cover and front pages of each article will give it a global feel that reflects scientific publications. Changes are also made to the writing of citations that will easily be traced to links that are included both on the citation application (Mendeley) and directly on the source of the link. Hopefully, the change will provide convenience to readers in tracing the reference citation links used by each article. In addition, links can also be traced to images or tables as illustrations in the discussion of each article.

This May 2021 edition of Berkala Arkeologi, features seven articles from various research results and periods in archaeology. Two articles review prehistoric dwellings, where one of them is about mushrooms that damage rock drawings in Leang Pattae and the other on petrographic analysis of pottery on the Mulyosari megalithic site. One article discusses the Hindu-Buddhist heritage about the Agastya statue of Mpu Purwa Museum collection. In addition, two articles studied Islamic remains, where one of the articles is about Islamic tradition in inscriptions and manuscripts in the Pasemah Region, and the other article about the local wisdom of the preservation of the Imogiri Royal Cemetery. The other two articles are about the archaeological study of the history of toponymy villages in Nusa Ambon and lastly the motivation and perception of the Krikilan cluster of Sangiran Museum’s visitors.

Published: 2021-05-30