Vol. 40 No. 2 (2020)

Berkala Arkeologi

Honorable readers,

It has been two years since Berkala Arkeologi has started to pioneer several changes both in the editorial and management side. In 2020, these efforts have been showing positive impacts for this journal. Starting from developing in the management of online pages, improving the consistency of journal styles, to publishing in two languages. All these have led Berkala Arkeologi to enter the indexation of the Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ), increasing the number of visits to online pages, as well as the citation number. Our gratitude goes to the readers who have supported and accompanied 40 years of this journal's journey.


Closing the editorial process in 2020, like the May 2020 edition, in this November 2020 edition, Berkala Arkeologi published in two language versions, Bahasa Indonesia and English. Seven manuscripts in the editorial processes use Bahasa Indonesia, which then were translated into English, after being declared fit for publication by the Editors and Reviewers. One other text is in English and is not translated into Indonesian. The translation from Indonesian to English is intended to be enjoyed by wider range of readers.

Published: 2020-11-13