Berkala Arkeologi has been accredited by the the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) with their decree number 641/AU2/P2MI-LIPI/07/2015.

RISTEKDIKTI Is Governing Journal Accreditation

PERMENRISTEKDIKTI NO.9/2018 is now effective.  
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OJS 3 Berkala


Visit and make comments about the future web upgrade of Berkala Arkeologi

Berkala Arkeologi is considering an upgrade to OJS 3 in the near future. We have created a demo site to evaluate the looks and the editorial process in the new system. You may visit the demo site at BERKALA OJS 3. Keep in mind that the site is currently slow to load due to the big size of the images.

Write us an email and let us know of what needs to be improved, added, removed, etc. We really appreciate your feedbacks for further improvements.

Thank you,

Journal Managers

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